The Hamlet of Arviat operates several health and wellness projects and programs, under the guidance of the Arviat Community Health and Wellness Committee (CHWC). The CHWC is an advisory committee to the Hamlet Council and adminstration.

The current members of the Arviat Health Committee are:

Eric Anoee (Chair), Shelby Angalik, Elizabeth Issakiark, Jamie Kablutsiak, Melinda Kaviok, and Andrew Kuksuk.

The Community Wellness Worker is Stephanie Gibbons. Stephanie can be reached at (867) 857-2841 or wellness@arviat.ca


We will focus on becoming a healthy community that builds capacity, is self-assured, caring, and responds to the needs of individuals and families.

We will promote simplicity and unity where people come first and are responsible and accountable for their own wellbeing through a wellness planning process that is integrated and facilitates access to services.

We will promote continuing learning where people acquire the skills they need to increase independence and prosperity while preserving culture, values and language of origin.

We will promote self-reliance through facilitating community processes that are dedicated to directing our own destiny by working together, co-operating and focusing the collective resources that are available to achieve maximum health and wellbeing for every resident.